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Seoul Exhibition 2024


A study of paintings and illustrations focusing on the chronological intertwining of endings to beginnings. Death in our culture is all-too-easily classified negatively, with good reason, but there is a smaller, hidden aspect to the relationship between the two - one that should build hope in our future. These works explore the chirality of life and death; an end is also a beginning; they are a means of exploring the discrete exchange between the two concepts. Several works in BIRTH // DEATH are paired with each other to communicate this motif and some within a single piece as seen with OUROBOROS (우로부로스).

The series starts with BOOK (책), a young boy is given a book by figure in a peaceful pool below. The book describes the eons of his world, stories of old. These stories are illustrated in the pieces that come after the pilot BOOK (책) piece. Pairings of color and perspective will draw the viewer's eye immediately to focal points in the work - more notably with pairs like: ICARUS // PHOENIX. Illustrations are also interlaced throughout the work as supplementary.  


Purchasing information will be available closer to exhibition date. Please reach out to 조형미관 or myself (see Contact page) for more information.

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