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Artist's Statement

The medium of paint, in particular, has taught me to be patient. Growing up my mom loved impressionism, a personal favorite of hers being the lily pad paintings by Monet, and my dad science fiction, we rented most of the Star Trek films from our local Blockbuster on the regular. I like to think I'm a hybridization of the two;  science fiction and an appreciation for nature in paint is probably what led me to want to study Physics in the first place. 

I've always been an artist, and I was an artist first. My mom was always doing craft projects with us as kids and during high school I would design t-shirts for the school play or album artwork for my friend's bands. In lieu of buying pokemon cards I would create my own. I worked as a freelance graphic designer for several years while studying in college to (sometimes) keep the lights on. Over time I came to realize that understanding some of the abstractions which go into being an appreciatively-dedicated artist correlates also towards being a good mathematician; I'm drawn to both topics.

Currently I live outside of Austin, TX where I have a small in-house studio. I work full-time as an engineer while painting and illustrating. When not painting, I like to draw, write, and play classical guitar for my three-year-old son, Quest. For all current work, please visit my artwork page. 

Thank you.


Austin, TX 78732


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