Artist's Statement

I like to work with paint because it has taught me to be patient, observant, and focused. Big and voluminous paintings by artists like Rothko or Pollock I've always been attracted to. A piece of good artwork should always have a spiritual element to it, even if it isn't initially evident but brought out in time. Having been raised to love impressionism (my mom being a huge fan of Claude Monet) and science fiction (my dad a huge fan of Star Trek), I see myself using these deeply rooted influences by hybridizing both of these genres into my work. I mainly work with acrylic paint because it enables me to quickly layer and cover, and I've worked from the very small (1.5") to very large (6') canvas sizes. On the flip side I also have two Physics degrees, my master's being in focused on high-energy Physics; art and science are very much intertwined, and I love thinking about ways to work a certain scientific element in. School was never my thing, but when I discovered it was easy to study a topic I was really interested in - it was an exciting challenge. At the end of the day, trying to find ways to imbibe mathematics, culture, fantasy, and striking color together to produce unforeseen results is the essence of my mission as an artist. 

Currently I am based out of Austin, TX. I work full time as an engineer but pursue painting and illustration in my off-time at my home studio. When not painting, I love to draw and write (I have many stories I'm hoping to create comics/graphic novels for one day). For all my current work, please visit my artwork page. 

Thank you for your interest in me, I hope you learn something about yourself through my work!


Austin, TX 78732

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