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Artist's Statement

The medium of paint, in particular, has taught me to be a more patient person. but I have grown to like switching between paintings and illustrations. Growing up my mom loved impressionism (the lily pad paintings by Monet) and my dad science fiction (Star Trek), so I usually reference these influences to hybridize their motifs in my work (sometimes very unsuccessfully).   

I've always been an artist but more recently and professionally I am an engineer and have worked as a scientist. I managed to finish two Physics degrees with a master's in Particle Physics. I grew up playing video games on my SNES emulator during middle school and eventually got really into drawing and manga in high school. After high school I worked freelance graphic design for several years while studying in college, it (sometimes) kept the lights on. 

Currently I live outside of Austin, TX where I have a small in-house studio. I work full time as an engineer but pursue painting and illustration in my off-time. When not painting, I love to draw and write. I also like playing classical guitar for my two-year-old son, Quest. For all my current work, please visit my artwork page. 

Thank you for reading this far into my bio.


Austin, TX 78732


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