Artist's Statement

The medium of paint, in particular, has taught me to be a more patient person. I like to use scale to my advantage, and vary between large, voluminous paintings to small, detailed studies. A piece of well-constructed artwork will always reveal itself to you slowly over time, allowing for constant discovery. Growing up my mom loved impressionism (the lily pad paintings by Monet) and my dad science fiction (Star Trek), so I see myself referencing these deeply rooted influences and hybridizing these motifs into my work. 


To break it up a little bit, I am a professional engineer and science-enthusiast. I managed to miraculously finish two Physics degrees with a master's in Particle Physics; art and science can be very much intertwined, and I am always thinking about ways to work scientistic elements into my paintings.  

Currently I live outside of Austin, TX where I have a small in-house studio. I work full time as an engineer but pursue painting and illustration in my off-time. When not painting, I love to draw and write (I have a few stories I'm hoping to create graphic novels for one day). I also like playing electric guitar for my one-year-old son, Quest. For all my current work, please visit my artwork page. 

Thank you for your interest in me, I hope you learn something about yourself through my work.


Austin, TX 78732


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