Ink and Illustration

Ink and illustration work from my sketch books and pads; I enjoy pursuing illustration alongside painting. Comic book artists, in my opinion, are some of the world's greatest illustrators since they must always strike a balance between perspective, lighting, motion, and composition to fluidly tell a story. Every subtle detail becomes a very important factor in guiding a reader. Great examples of creator-owned comics are: Saga, East of West, Low, Spread, American Vampire, and A Study in Emerald (book).

Over the years I've always used sketch books as a sort of journal. When flipping back it is easy to remember what I was going through at that time based on what I was drawing. Progress (at least for me) happens slowly over large gaps of time. In 2017 I started seriously wanting to learn figures and faces; after three years of drawing on my lunch breaks, in the evenings, and during open gaps on the weekends, I've managed to get somewhere with it. I've put some random pieces I like below, all of it is original and drawn/owned by me.

© 2020 Adam Chalupa

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