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Seoul Prep Exhibition 2024

Three pieces published in prep for a large exhibition in Seoul, South Korea at 조형미관 opening June 2024. These commissioned works are pointed towards my interpretations of living three months in Korea and experiencing their deep forms of language and culture. Young Koreans align with Western culture on many fronts but despite that, as an American, it was still very difficult to find stability; I spent many days working on these concepts sitting in coffeeshops and little cafes sprinkled across the country and gained a lot of respect for the expats who have to travel far from home to live in the U.S. (let's face it, the U.S. is wack).


Three commissioned pieces are showcased.: Bastion/능보, Molten/삼족오, and Mammoth/거대한. They are an ode to the beautiful pines, Precambrian mountain-scapes, and chilly coastlines I adsorbed while traveling in South Korea. The statements are listed below each piece, they will be for sale and are high-quality ink/acrylic on 140 lb. watercolor paper. Prints will be offered for Bastion and Molten, more works will be advertised with prices closer to open in April 2024.


20” x 16”, 2” x 1” bleed (24” x 18” Actual) 

Black and White Ink on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper 

Primarily focused on providing a sense of freedom and adventure. “Bastion” is meant to celebrate the mantra of when a journey ends another one is merely beginning. Small details and little stories are hidden throughout the work, capturing any viewer’s attention as they lean close to inspect. Bastion was an exploration of scale and distance – a first for me with this medium. My central intent is to awaken that subtle curiosity hidden in every adult we all spent years cultivating as young children.  


20” x 16”, 2” x 1” bleed (24” x 18” Actual) 

Ink and Acrylic Paint on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper 

Inspired by modernized Western influence on Korea’s youth culture: A molten sun pours down over an ancient Korean pine with a 삼족오 clutching to its branches. The 삼족오 symbolizes the absolutism of the ancient Korean state, bound by its powerful prominence, idly standing by while molten metal runs down to the tree’s ancient roots. In the background are small adages meant to draw the viewer in, open to interpretation: An ancient Victorian castle, an airborne vessel, Korean red pines littering the cliffsides above, an ancient dilapidated rail bridge, Precambrian mountains in the background. The piece is meant to draw the eyes from the center down, pitching high-contrast ink shading against a stark white backdrop that surrounds the center diamond-like shape.  


20” x 16”, 2” x 1” bleed (24” x 18” Actual) 

Ink and Acrylic Paint on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper 

An otherworldly mountain standing on the distant horizon with a lone traveler ready to head towards its massive base. Mammoth is inspired by the cutting rock peaks of Seoraksan and others that stand mightily over the Korean states. At the peak of this alternate-planet Seoraksan is a lit flame traveling into the spacetime around it. This flame represents the current that runs under all things: God-given Lifeblood infused into the universe by which all physical laws fuse into its jurisdiction. A trickle of magma travels down the face of the mountin, subtle hidden paths populate throughout its stark surfaces. Small details are buried thick as a reminder to the viewer that if you look close enough – a way forward always reveals itself. 

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