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Painting Series

"Our paintings are snippets of our lives turned into fantasy spaces. They are past memories, present emotions, and future hopes"  -Tsz Kam

I think I've always loved creating my own versions of things as a kid. I always used drawing or painting to world-build, but now especially I use it try and tell a silent story. Each series depicted  really represents a feeling or place in life that I'm in or come back to from time to time. I like and try to draw inspiration from my work or when I'm traveling, but often times it just comes as a simple thought or idea. If you're wanting to know more about my work, you can email me at: ART.OF.CHALUPA@OUTLOOK.COM.

Dead Jungle

Ghost forests, ethereal portals, emerald teal water, thick foliage or swamps, and delicate waterfalls; this is what Dead Jungle has revealed itself to me as. 


I started this series in 2018 with its focus being high-contrasts, thick foliage, and subtle alien landscapes. This series was born from a large (5' x 4') canvas I had spent a while doing an abstract black and white on, but was never really happy with. After six months of it hanging up, I pulled it down and began a new experiment with yellow oxide, violet cobalt, teal, and Australian olive green. It was as if the color almost grew from the dead black and grey husk of a prior painting and into a vibrant thick jungle; that piece was named Enigma

I have since then completed 7 pieces in this ongoing series, almost all of which have which been sold. Their purpose is to make the viewer feel like they are hidden, looking out onto a brightly contrasted event of some great magnitude. 

Stone Omen

Ominous monoliths, cold shadows, structures asunder, furious motion or a calm before the storm. Stone Omens are always composed with a story in mind.


Stone Omen started with the purchasing of Matisse's amazing pigment Midnight Blue and my study of it with Towers. This series represents the melancholy side of myself and within each piece there is an element of mystery. They are not usually overly dark, but leave the viewer wanting to know more about what it is they are seeing. Cold colors and ominous portrayals of natural (or unnatural) objects such as disintegrating planeloids or levitating monoliths are my central themes.

Other Series in Progress

Monolith - A series focused on the depiction and scale of monolith structures or beings (Acute).

Husk - Light and sun capturing foliage in wreckage and ruin (Gate, Cavern).

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