Alternative Canvases

Why Paint only Squares?

Did you know that rounded cages are not recommended for intelligent bird species? It's believed they have trouble developing reference points in their cage and stresses them out. People are kind of like that too, having a point of reference is really important. Human vision has a critical central point to it, the Fovea. This is a , central  but we like to make things that are orderly and geometric. Maybe it's that deep sensation of relief we feel by creating something that is unlike ourselves, in a choatic and constantly devolving expanding universe. 

When I got a giant 6' canvas from my mom, I was excited for the opportunity to work on such a piece 

I got all kinds of crazy interpretations of it during the East Austin Studio Tour 2019, my favorite being the "multiverse deathstar." I know this is everywhere on my website, but this piece was the start to something great: trying other shaped work. 

© 2020 Adam Chalupa

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